FAQ & Rules

Here is everything you need to know before attending Ultimate Fighting Arena 2019.


FAQ updated on September 17th, 2019.
If you have any questions that is not cover by those below please email us at


What is the UFA?

The UFA is one of the largest fighting game tournaments in Europe. An exclusive place where you’ll be able to play games for famous franchises such as Street Fighter, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Smash Bros, Tekken, The King of Fighters, etc.
A lot of world-renowned international players came to the UFA previous editions : players like Infiltration, Sako, Luffy, Fujimura, Tokido, GO1, AngryBird and others.


Who's running the UFA 2019 ?

The main organizer of the event is NCOVR.


Where is the UFA 2019 taking place?

The event takes place in the Grand Paris at the Docks de Paris in Aubervilliers.
87 avenue des Magasins Généraux
93300 Aubervilliers


WhEN are the date of the UFA?

It will take place from October 4 to October 6, 2019.
The 24 hour venue will be open to competitors from Friday, October 4, 3pm to Sunday, October 6, 11pm.
The venue will be open to spectators only at certain hours detailed in the Spectator Pass below.


What are the games of the roster 2019?

• Street Fighter V Arcade Edition
• Super Smash Bros Ultimate
• Dragon Ball FighterZ
• Tekken 7
• Soulcalibur VI
• Mortal Kombat XI
• Samurai Shodown
• Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2
• Dead or Alive 6


What is the main tournaments format ?

Tournaments are generally held in double elimination except for some team tournaments which will be in single elimination.


Are tournament tickets refundable ?

The tournament tickets are non-refundable, unless otherwise specified (please inquire if unsure).
You may contact us by email at:
Absolutely no refunds will be given after September 23, as all tournaments registration will be closed at this time.
The organizer are not responsible for flight, hotel or other arrangement changes.


Where can I register?

You may register at the following address:
This year for the 2019 edition,  we will not be accepting any emergency registration after the end of competitors registration on September 23, 2019.
Spectator passes will still be available on site at the Welcome Desk. Only payments by Credit Cards will be allowed (no payments by cash).


What does each PASS correspond to?

Competior Pass :
• The Competitor Pass gives you the opportunity to register for UFA tournaments.
• Gives access to the room without interruption :
        o from Friday, October 4, 3pm
        o to Sunday, October 6, 11pm.

Spectator Pass :
• The Spectator Pass gives you access to free movement during the event at defined times:
• Friday 4 October: 4pm - 00am
• Saturday 5 October: 11am-11pm
• Sunday 6 October: 10am-11pm
• The Spectator Pass will be required for visitors minimum aged of 10 years old.


Where and when can I take my Competitor Pass?

The Welcome Desk will be open at certain hours to enable competitors to take their badges, before the beginning of the tournaments:
• Thursday 3 October : 4pm – 8pm
• Friday 4 October: 11am – 12am
• Saturday 5 October: 10am - 10pm
• Sunday 6 October: 10am - 8pm


Can participants under 18 years of age participate in this event?

The minimum age to participate to all UFA tournaments is 16 years old.

Minors participants between 16 and under 18 years old will be allowed to access the venue and participate to the tournaments in which they are registered if they can provide:
• Participation authorization for a minor completed and signed by one of their parents
• A copy of the Identity Card of the parent who signed the documents and of the minor participant

You can download these documents here:


What is the registration period?

• June 24: Registration opens with Early Bird
• July 28: End of Early Bird
• July 29: 40€ Standard Registration
• September 5: 15€ Spectator Pass
• September 8: End of Standard Registration
• September 9: 50€ Late Registration
• September 23: Registration closes